Color Changing Glass - The Art Of Fuming And Hand Blown Fumed Glass Pipes
Aug 2018

What is Color Changing or Fumed Glass?
Color changing glass or Fumed glass? Whichever term you prefer to use, fumed and color changing techniques create some of the most beautiful glass water pipes because of how they reflect light.

With an almost magical reflective quality, fumed pieces stand out. Let's take a quick look at how fumed glass came about:

An accidental discovery
A glassblower by the name of Bob Snodgrass (perhaps one of the most respected and most veterans in the industry) accidentally vaporized a piece of silver and its fumes landed on the piece he was working on.

At first, he thought he had ruined a perfectly clean piece. But then, he saw the effect it made and saw the possibilities with using these fumes in his glass. He had invented a new way to color glass pieces.

Since then, fuming has been used by many glassblowers and is a time honored technique from around the world. In glassblowing, it has created some very inspiring work.

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