Do I have to be business to order from you?
Answer :
Yes. Our website is for bulk purchases only.
Are the prices on your website wholesale?
Answer :
Yes, all the prices are for wholesale.
What is your minimum order?
Answer :
The minimum order amount is USD 1000.
What is minimum quantity per design?
Answer :
The minium order quantity for handpipes and other smoking accessories are 200 pcs each and for the bongs, the minimum order quantity is 50 pcs each
How much is shipping?
Answer :
By air shipping prices was 5-7 usd per kg by air. But right now in this panademic situation its 12-13 usd per kg
How long it will take to get my order?
Answer :
It will take 15-20 days to get your order deliver.
What form of payments do you accept?
Answer :
We accept Bank Transfer.
What do I do if I received a damaged or wrong product?
If you receive any wrong or damaged product, you need to send us the video of those products within 7 days and we will replace it in your next order.
Do you give credit for damaged products?
We will replace the damaged products in your next order.
Do you take orders over the phone or by email?
We take orders on the email only.
Do the photos and product information on the website reflect EXACTLY what I will receive?
Yes, the product and the photos of the website are almost exactly what you receive. There may be some color differece from the photo due to flash lights of camera.
Are the prices including shipping by air?
No, the prices doesn't include shipping.
Is air shipping door to door?
Do you offer sea shipping also?
Yes, we offer port to port sea shipping.
Do you provide our logo on products? Is there any additional charges for logo?
Yes, we can provide your logo on the products and there will be some additional charges for that.
Will It take extra time?
Yes, it will take extra time.
Can you make custom designs also?
Yes, we can make custom designs. You just need to send us the photos of the design you want, and we will make it for you.
Do you see complete range of products on website?
We had put bestsellers in each category on our website.